Alpcan Prestige Houses Will Do You Good

Located in a natural and peaceful atmosphere in the Güzelyurt district, this site consists of 4 blocks and 28 apartments. These apartments, which are designed quite large and spacious, offer a comfortable life to their owners.

Do not miss the opportunity to live in this site, which stands out with its modern design, natural environment and a unique lifestyle. Take action now and discover this unique living space.

Palmiye ağaçlı bir apartmanın 3 boyutlu görüntüsü.


Transportation Distances

  • City Center1 minute by car – 10 minutes on foot
  • Petrol Station2 minutes by car – 12 minutes on foot
  • Supermarket1 minute by car – 2 minutes on foot


Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find the answers about the project.

Alpcan Prestige Houses, located right next to the Güzelyurt-Nicosia main road, offer easy access to the cities of Levkosia or Lefke.

With Alpcan Prestige Houses, you can easily access the units that meet your basic needs such as supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, hospitals.

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