Advantages of Investing in Northern Cyprus


Northern Cyprus attracts the attention of tourists because it has a sunny climate almost all year round. Therefore, the tourism industry is quite developed and is open to tourists at any time of the year. In addition, the historical texture of Cyprus, its ancient sites and cultural richness are an important attraction center for tourists.

This hot island country is also a place preferred by many students because it has high-quality educational institutions. The provision of English education at its universities, the provision of master’s and doctoral programs make Cyprus a preferred place for students.

Northern Cyprus provides many conveniences as the island administration in order to take its developing economy one step further. Especially tax deductions provided to foreign investors are the leading ones.

The fact that the British pound is used as the currency in the investments to be made also protects investors against inflation, which has a variable dynamic. Foreign exchange-based rental returns and real estate depreciation in a short period of time offer advantageous options for investors.

In addition, the low crime rate in Cyprus is also an important factor for those who want to make a safe investment.

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