Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


With the pure beauty of the island, pleasant climate, warmth and friendliness of its people, and rich local cuisine and food, Northern Cyprus rewards its visitors with an environment where they can escape from the stress, rush and chaos of city life.

Security, which is among the most important needs of human beings, finds its place at the forefront. Cyprus, which has a very low crime rate, also offers its residents a safe life as it is among the safest places in the world.

The historical and cultural richness of Northern Cyprus is full of ruins and artifacts bearing the traces of different civilizations. This is about the fact that different civilizations live here due to the strategic location of the island. Historical places such as Bellapais Abbey, St.Hilarion Castle, Soli Ancient City, Büyük Han are just a few of them.

Mavi suları ve kayalık uçurumları olan kayalık bir kıyı şeridi.
İçinde teknelerin yanaştığı marinanın havadan görünümü.

More than 90 thousand students are studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus, which attracts attention with its international universities, has almost become a university island. There are many options for student candidates with the options of associate degree, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. Universities located in Northern Cyprus are an important opportunity for university candidates who are thinking about a safe and peaceful international education.

Another feature of Northern Cyprus is that there is a holiday opportunity suitable for every request. Its very long and beautiful beaches can give its residents many different emotions at the same time during the summer months. Cultural tours, water sports, hikings and many other activities are waiting for you in Northern Cyprus. For those who are fond of nightlife, there are many options such as bars, pubs, nightclubs and casinos in Northern Cyprus.

As for the people of the island, they have a structure that embraces everyone with its hospitality and kindness, but also they carry the most characteristic features of the Mediterranean people.

Northern Cyprus has a typical Eastern Mediterranean climate with hot summers and short, mild winter months. Northern Cyprus, which opens its doors to tourists from many parts of the world, continues to fascinate its guests with its night and day.

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